Newby Expansion, OUR 30 Yrs Nightmare !        Only Your Participation Can End it!            Please Sign up for Oct 26th Newby Expansion Final Decision Making Meeti

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Please Sign up for Oct 26th Newby Expansion Final Decision Making Meeting
RECOMMENDATION (from San Jose Planning Committee Staff):
Uphold the Planning Director’s decision and approve a Planned Development Permit to effectuate the Planned Development Zoning District (File No. PDC07-071) and allow a vertical expansion to an existing landfill, with no additional construction, on a 352 gross acre site.
Victims and Potential Victims of Newby Landfill’s odor,
Have you seen the above recommendation from San Jose Planning committee staff? This time, RS has hired people to speak, if we don’t have enough people to show up, we will be out numbered! But, if we all stand up and fight for our basic human right- fresh air, we (residents from the city of Fremont, the city of Milpitas, and N San Jose) definitely can outnumber the side of big money! ONLY all of us stand up and fight, we can win this war with big money! WE COUNT ON YOUR PARTICIPATION TO WIN THE WAR!
 Newby Landfill Expansion decision making meeting on Oct 26th! If you don't show up, most like RS' dream will come true, then Residents' nightmare will continue 30 years or more!
Please sign up for the decision making meeting and show up at 5:30pm!
5:30-6:30pm protesting and meeting with media (BUSES TO SAN JOSE WILL BE PROVIDED. Buses pick up spot is at Marina Grocery Store located at 25 N Milpitas Blvd, Milpitas, CA, cross street of Milpitas city hall. Free underground parking at SJ city hall available after validated. We encourage people to take the free bus ride. Just let us know you need a bus ride, so we have an ideal how many buses we need to reserve. please send your bus ride request to :
6:30PM attending and speaking up at SJ Planning committee meeting at SJ city hall, the council Chambers (200 E Santa Clara Ave, San Jose)
Before the meeting, please send your feedback to SJ planning commissioners and staff TODAY!
Email addresses:,,,,,,,
Protest talking points:
   1. Newby Landfill got 11 public nuisance tickets, 6 odor NOVs from gas leaking, MRF, and compost in 17 months, average once a month! SJ planning committee staff report says it's odor impact is insignificant! How can they conclude that?  Please check its staff report at
   2. The Newby Landfill' liner is designed for 150ft, now they are approving 95ft more! The problem is the groundwater underneath of Newby Landfill has been contaminated by a carcinogenic substance. If allowing the expansion and continuing the leachate's generation will contaminate our groundwater further! Approval of the Newby Landfill expansion is knowingly to endanger public health! Knowingly wrongdoing is a criminal action! Stop slowly poisoning half of Santa Clara county residents!
  3. We want to question the integrity of the city of San Jose! 44 landfills around SF bay have been closed at max capacity without 1 public nuisance ticket, why can the Newby Landfill with 11 public nuisance tickets in 17 months get a green light on the massive expansion permit? How can the environmental impact to be insignificant in San Jose staff report for a landfill being issued 11 public nuisance tickets in 17 months? We want to call for FBI's investigation! There is something wrong!
  4. The old EIR was concerned about the rights of rats, seagulls, fish, and vegetation, but omitted or ignored the impact on human beings right of fresh air and public health in results of Newby Landfill expansion! In San Jose Officials mind, we are lower than rats and seagulls! If not they should order a new EIR because the Newby Landfill is a public nuisance and groundwater has been contaminated by the garbage dumped in the landfill.
  5. If Newby Landfill gets expansion permit, our quality of life and house value will continue in distress

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