A Meeting You Can't Afford to Miss! 10/17th at Milpitas city hall

Jennifer    10/14     12172    

A Meeting You Can't Afford to Miss!

10/17th 6:00 PM Milpitas city council special meeting on Milpitas garbage collection contract. Please arrive earlier to get seats!

We are seeing a hand from RS trying to take away our right to decide where our garbage can go! 

RS is trying to be the bigger backseat driver of Milpitas! It is just because they possess big money! 

Has your mailbox flooded with mailers from RS on Measure L? 

Do you see their Milpitas post Ads every week in the newspaper's most eye catching position on Measure L? 

Do you see their yard signs everywhere with the most people traffic on commercial and city's land?

Yes. That is money we contributed to them as their customer ripped off by them for 30 years! 

NOW they want 20 more years --that is what Measure L is all about! Yeah, that is not the whole story! 

The whole story is they want to use Measure L as a bridge to get its dream come true - the Newby Landfill expansion! 

Their dream coming true will be our nightmare's beginning!

They want Milpitas people to pay the highest garbage fee and dump into our backyard and let us smell the stink all year around for decades to come! 

NOW they want to get our 10 year garbage collection contract thru the scam of using dumping price on bidding, driving 11 small businesses out of business, and becoming a monopoly to rip off residents in Milpitas again at their will! 

I think we are definitely smarter than that!

Attached is the City staff recommendations:

1. Receive staff report and recommendation.
2. Adopt a resolution to approve and authorize the City Manager to award and execute the attached solid waste collection franchise agreement with Republic Services., Inc., subject to final review and incorporation of non-substantive changes by the City Manager and City Attorney.
Direct staff to return with a franchise agreement with Garden City Sanitation and final draft arrangements with Sunnyvale.

Let's sign up for the meeting and pack the city council chamber on October 17th, and ask the city award the collection contract to Garden City!

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