Let's get involved! Let's go win in November !

Jennifer    07/09     4909    


Jennifer    07/09

Today my daughter and I went to Chuck Page's Campaign Kick off Party. More than half were White, slightly less than half were Chinese Americans. There were some noticeable difference which in primary most support were Chinese Americans and today I saw a lot more whites.
I was so glad to see many of Chuck Page's primary volunteer's continuous support, seeing different races, new supporters, and volunteers' kids involved. 
At the party, Chuck Page brought his home made red wines which are very popular. I brought some Chinese cloth paintings that did not sell very well. Ma Yong and his wife Yanan Yang brought Chuck Page campaign T-shirts which almost sold out. Every one at the party were impressed by those two lovely girls wearing a small size T-shirt that was still too big for them running among people to sell the T-shirts. 
"Uncle, Auntie, do you want to buy this T-shirt I am wearing?" 
They were so adorable and no one could refuse them.
Yanan Yang, the proud mother of the two girls was always the lady behind her husband Ma Yong.
Now some people are thinking that Chinese Americans are not as important in the general election as the primary. In my opinion, Chinese Americans will be always an important part of the general election, since the Asian population in D28 is 28% which is more than the total GOP percentage of 25%. Chinese American and Indian are the two big groups in D28. We will be big part of the general election in November. Let's get recharged and keep energized Chinese Americans involving in political events! If we do not want to be a silent group, let us unite together to make our voice heard!