PLEASE SIGN UP FOR Sept 18TH PROTEST at Newby Landfill's Entrance!

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Dear Sept 18th Protest Participants,

We will only keep one protest route from Lions Supermarket to Newby Landfill (0.6 miles and 16minutes walk).

The gathering venue is at Lions Supermarket. Since Walmart route is 2 miles long and a 40 minute walk, we decided to remove this route .

Please bring your signs with your protest messages.
Please keep yourself walking on sidewalk and do not block the roads and traffic!

Be safe and any illegal actions will be counterproductive and will prevent the protest from being successful! Keep your kids safe, too!

Please join our Sept 18th protest at Newby landfill's entrance.
The SVFBC decided to organize a protest at Newby Landfill's Entrance!
Arzhang will be the leader of the Sept 18th protest. He has many connections with local nonprofit environmental organizations and he has been working so hard to involve those organizations to support us, especially residents in San Jose. If his effort is actualized, we will make a big noise this time!
This time we needs hundreds and thousands of people to join! Please come to be a part of it! We will make history remember us!

I think a new EIR will be able to abolish the Newby Landfill expansion!

We have evidence to show that the old EIR is spoiled since new groundwater testing results and a tremendous amount of odor complaints, public nuisance tickets, NOVs, and confirmed odor complaints that were not included in the old EIR, Therefore, let's focus on demanding a new EIR. This will be our main message of the Sept 18th Protest!

I will also try to invite McCarthy family to join!

 The protest will work this way:

the route:  from Lions Supermarket to Newby.

We will park our cars in Milpitas city square (Lions Supermarket), and walk to Newby Landfill's front entrance and stop at the HW 880 overpass sidewalk to give our message its best exposure.

We can stand along the overpass sidewalk, wearing a mask, holding a sign, and chanting our slogans:

No Expansion No exception!

Demanding a New EIR!

Stop Urban Landfill Expansion!

Stop polluting our air!

Stop contaminating our groundwater!

The protest will start at 10AM at Lions Supermarket at N. Milpitas Blvd

Time: Sept 18th 10am

Venue: Lions Supermarket at N. Milpitas Blvd

Reference: Why Newby Landfill shouldn't be granted an Expansion:

We think it is environmentally and socially irresponsible to approve a landfill expansion after reaching its max capacity and height, because:

* Newby landfill is located in a heavily populated area of five cities (Milpitas, Fremont, Newark, Alviso, N San Jose) with thousands of residents living on the downwind side and suffering the odor on a daily basis.

* 40+ landfills along SF Bay have closed at their permitted capacity and height or get early closure. Why is the Newby landfill an exception? We think Newby should not be an exception.

* Newby landfill is located in a sensitive wetland, earthquake fault zone, and near the fragile clay dam by the Bay.

* The landfill is an indisputable site of public nuisance that is proven by the record of 9 public nuisance tickets in 2015, over 17 violations, and over 7000 odor complaints;  businesses are less than 100 ft, and residents are only 0.4 miles away .

* Seriously impairs surrounding residents' quality of life, and likely impacts residents' health. According to Newby landfill's ground water testing result from 2015, the ground water has been contaminated by 1, 4 Dioxane, the carcinogen. If the landfill is allowed to expand and continue depositing garbage on the top of 150ft garbage mountain for another 30, 40 or more years, the ground water contamination will get worse.  If San Jose government cares about Newby Landfill's surrounding residents' health, the Newby landfill expansion should not be considered.

* Constructive garbage solution is to advocate zero waste and reduce garbage by increasing the diversion rate. Expansion is not a solution dealing with all kinds of waste.

* Permitting Newby Landfill expansion not only would violate CEQA (California Environmental Quality Act) guidelines but also would violate San Jose Municipal Codes.

* Tullytown Landfill in Pennsylvania got closed because it was a nuisance to its neighbors in New Jersey (without ground water contamination problem that the Newby Landfill already has). Therefore, the City of San Jose should follow the good example of the Tullytown Landfill and to be a good neighbor to its surrounding cities.

Please stop polluting our air and contaminating our groundwater!

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