Open to All Call for a "No Urban Landfill Expansion Protest"  Please sign up NOW!

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Attention: This a protest not a competition, please enroll it NOW!
1) all supporters of stopping Newby expansion shall sign up, to get media's attention;
2) supporters are encouraged to speak up at the event;
3) the more supporters sign up and show up, the more attention we can get from media, the higher chance we can win.
Please sign up NOW! Thanks!

On Aug 24th San Jose planning commissioners will vote on if the Newby Landfill expansion permit will be granted or not.  We have to take action before San Jose commissioners make up their minds. Therefore SVFBC is calling a “No Urban Landfill Expansion Speech Competition” and a rally on July 27th 5PM in front of San Jose City Hall (200 E Santa Clara St., San Jose)!
It has been almost two years when residents around Newby Landfill woke up, stood up, and spoke up! Our strong fight does make a difference! We forced the San Jose government to delay the vote from 2014 to 2016! We forced San Jose government to discard the Newby Landfill operator hired odor study report and order a new odor study! We influenced a California State legislator to initiate a bill! We denounced the Newby Landfill expansion and gained over twenty thousand supporters…

We should be proud of ourselves!  We are doing something that will benefit our community and our future generations!

Look at the surrounding residents of Tullytown landfill in Pennsylvania! Thru residents’ efforts, Pennsylvania DEP ordered Tullytown landfill shut down! "Cosmo Servidio, DEP Southeast regional director, says the public concerns about ongoing odor, noise and visual nuisances 'were a significant factor in the decision to direct the landfill to close.'”
 If they can do it, why can’t we?  Let’s reclaim our energy and win our war on the Newby Landfill expansion!
July 27th Wednesday 5PM is our “No Urban Landfill Expansion Speech Competition” and rally time! Please mark your calendar and enroll in it now! 
The speech competition and rally are for every odor victim and stop Newby Landfill expansion supporters! Please sign up for you and your kids!
If you or your kids want to enroll in the speech competition, please make a note stating speech competitor’s name and age(kids). Kids under 18 will require parents' accompany, but no signatures required. Please prepare the speech draft and email to before July 20th.  For speech material or want to learn history of landfills, please visit SVFBC website: and click on “blog”
Let's Make Newby Landfill the next Tullytown landfill! YES WE CAN! When united, we can achieve the goal!

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