Please Sign-up On-going Protests to Stop Newby Expansion

Jennifer    05/19     12560    

NEWBY LANDFILL VICTIMS, our last chance to stop the Newby Landfill massive expansion is set on Aug 24th when the San Jose planning committee will hold a meeting to decide: approve or disapprove the Newby Landfill expansion. By that time, all commissioners will have already made up their minds; therefore we have decided to organize on-going protests to show Newby Landfill victims’ will and voice: No Expansion, No Exception!

We are scheduling the on-going protests:

June 24th  (Friday), 6PM-8PM at Milpitas Blvd Lions Supermarket, march to Newby Landfill

July 24th, (Sunday), 6-8PM at Milpitas Blvd Lions Supermarket, again marching to Newby Landfill

Aug 24th, (Wednesday) 6-8PM at San Jose City Hall and attend the final decision making meeting.

We were told that the authority to approve or disapprove the Newby Landfill Expansion is in the hands of San Jose officials.  Some of us think that we are not constituents of the officials in San Jose; therefore they may sacrifice residents of Fremont, Milpitas, Newark, Alviso, and North San Jose to approve the Newby Landfill expansion.  Please don’t be discouraged by this rumor.  New Jersey residents forced Pennsylvania to shut down the Tullytown Landfill, located in a different state, Pennsylvania.  Why can’t residents of Fremont, Milpitas, Newark, Alviso, and North San Jose force San Jose officials to make the right decision to shut down a landfill has reached its max capacity? As long as we stand together and never give up, we can!

We were told that if the Newby landfill gets closed, all south bay garbage will be dumped at Guadalupe Landfill because there are no other landfills around and our garbage bill will be much higher than the current garbage rate.  This is not true as well.  In 2008, Tri Cities Landfill in Fremont was shut down and transferred its garbage to Altamont Landfill in Livermore.  Fremont garbage rate stayed as low as $30.51 and was slightly lower than San Jose’s $30.84. San Jose garbage dumps to Newby Landfill where it is much closer than the Altamont Landfill.  Cupertino garbage goes to Newby and its rate is $23.4 which is much lower than Milpitas’ garbage rate of $27.85; therefore there is no correlation between the distance of transferring garbage to a landfill and the rates of service.

We were told that the odor that residents in Milpitas, Fremont, Newark, Alviso, and N San Jose are smelling is not from the Newby Landfill but from the ocean and the marsh!  A lie repeated one thousand times has become a truth.  Many residents around the Newby Landfill believe it the same as they believe that residents in Milpitas have enjoyed the lowest garbage rate!  Newby Landfill is willing to try every way to keep the landfill in our neighborhood and get its expansion permit!  Please keep your eyes open and do some research of your own!  No one wants a giant landfill in his/her backyard.  Additionally, residents in Fremont, Milpitas, and N San Jose are downwind of the Newby Landfill.  The prevailing wind can blow the odor as far as 10 miles away.  If the Newby Landfill expansion gets approved, we don’t know how far the odor will be blown.  If today you stand by or help the Newby Landfill get its expansion permit, tomorrow you may be the odor victim!  Foul odor is just one of the negative impacts!  Foul odor you maybe can ignore or tolerate, but if the landfill contaminates ground water and soil, it will have a far more reaching impact!

Please join our on-going protest and fight for our clean air, water, and soil!  Please put the protest date(s) that you can join in the sign-up Note !  Appreciate Your Support and Participation!


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