Email Campaign to stop Newby Landfill Expansion -the last chance!

Jennifer    05/13     4486    

Please join me in an email campaign to stop Newby Landfill expansion. We need thousands of emails to flood San Jose officials! Every one of us has our own connections. Please forward this email to your connections, your facebook groups, your wechat groups, google groups....if you don't have the, please get an account to post. Please post this message every where you know and encourage your connections to pass this information around as well. 
I have attached the San Jose email addresses and CalEPA contact info here. If you have the CalEPA officials email addresses, please share with us and thanks!
I wrote a sample letter attached here and please click on the links of articles and video, so you can write your own email to the decision making officials to oppose the expansion. 
It is very crucial time right now! If we can not stop the Newby Landfill expansion to get permitted, then we have to suffer many more decades to come! As the mayor of San Jose said in the video: as long as the landfill gets the permit, it is impossible to revoke it!  
You, your family, and your future generations can breath clean air or not; they all depend on us! 
Today's bystanders, tomorrow's victims! 
Please join our efforts at Silicon Valley Foubdation for Better Communities (FB group) 
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For signing up the decision making meeting at Aug 24th 5:30pm link:
To access the expansion decision makers email addresses and sample letter , click on the link: