PLEASE SIGN UP FOR Aug 24th PROTEST -The Last Chance to Stop Newby Expansion!

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Pursuing Newby Expansion While 40+ SF Bay Landfills Got Closed at Permitted Capacity and Height

Aug 24th Protest has been CANCELLED!

No Expansion No Exception

We have to stop the Newby Landfill expansion or smell the garbage for another 30 yrs or more! You don't want your family, or your kids to live and grow up with the bad memory of the stinky smell. You don't want the garbage dump site that is supposed to be closed at its max capacity to expand from 150ft to 245ft! If we excuse ourselves from attending this meeting, we can't forgive ourselves. We will be accused by our future generations! Please let your friends and neighbors to attend the final decision making meeting. The meeting is so important that we can't afford to miss. Remember that today's bystanders will be tomorrow's odor victims! Please spread the meeting sign up
 Please not only sign up but also show up for the Aug24th protest! If we don't show up, we just give them a chance to grant the permit to Republic Services Inc.
On Aug 24th, the San Jose planning committee commissioners will make  a final decision on the Newby Landfill Expansion.
We think it is environmentally and socially irresponsible to approve a landfill expansion after reaching its max capacity and height, because:
* Newby landfill is located in a heavily populated area that five cities (Milpitas, Fremont, Newark, Alviso, N San Jose)with thousands of residents are living on the downwind side and suffering the odor on a daily basis.
* 40+ landfills along SF Bay have closed at their permitted capacity and height or get early closure. Why is the Newby landfill an exception? We think Newby should not be an exception.
* Newby landfill is located in a sensitive wetland, earthquake fault zone, and near the fragile clay dam by the Bay
* The landfill is an indisputable site of public nuisance that proved by the record of 9 public nuisance tickets in 2015, and over 17 violations, thousands of complaints, and
businesses are less than 100 ft and residents are only 0.4 miles away .
* Seriously impairs surrounding residents' quality of life, and likely impacts residents health.
* There should not be any landfills within 1 mile of residential area. We are calling for a legislature to drive all urban landfills out. Please stop prioritizing garbage business that ultimately will negatively impact surrounding residents.
* There is no need to expand since Newby still has 10 years remaining capacity.
* Constructive garbage solution is to advocate zero waste and reduce garbage by increasing the diversion rate. Expansion is not a solution dealing with all kinds of waste.

* Permitting Newby Landfill expansion not only would violate CEQA (California Environmental Quality Act) guidelines but also would violate San Jose Municipal Codes.
* Tullytown Landfill in Pennsylvania got closed because it nuisances its neighbors in New Jersey. City of San Jose should follow the good example of the Tullytown Landfill, if you are care.

Date: Aug 24th, 2016 5:30PM Protest/media time and 6:30PM attend the meeting

Location: City of San Jose 200 E Santa Clara St., San Jose

Parking: underground garage of SJ city hall building

If you need carpooling or bus, please email me at  As long as we have 35 people sign up for bus, we will rent a bus.

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