why Do I Support Chuck Page?

Jennifer    04/30     3983    

Why Do I Support Chuck Page?
1. Chuck Page is a Republican! At this moment, the biggest concern for Chinese Americans’ is whether the proposal of SCA5 will become the law of California. Once it bec0mes California legislature, it will deeply impact Chinese Americans status in the USA and downgrade our next generations’ social and economic status. The Republican party has always been against SCA5. On the other hand, the Democrat party has always supported it and passed it on the floor of senate and assembly, not once, but twice. This is the third time to bring it back to floor for voting.
2. Chuck Page is firmly against SCA5 as all other Republicans in the senate and assembly! A college diploma is a symbol of academic achievement for a student. Every student wants it; he or she has to EARN it! For any high school student that wants to get into college for higher education study, he/she has to satisfy the college’s requirements to show their ability to graduate. SCA5 is trying to bring in skin color and population quotas as admission standards and ignore students’ school performance. As the result, college admission will lose its fairness . College admission is not government’s welfare that can be given out by counting heads. If we adopt SCA5, college admission to students of certain color will be given; not by earning. College graduates will be less and less qualified! The world is getting smaller and smaller as a village, but the competition between countries are more and more fierce. How will our easy gained diploma college graduates compete with other countries? We can guarantee them to get into college and graduate, can we guarantee them not to be eliminated in the world competition?
3. California needs Chuck Page to break the one party rule political environment which is not healthy and balanced. As every one’s knows, in California, the Democrat party has a super majority in both the senate and assembly. Therefore, they can pass any law they like. On the other hand, the Republican Party, that represents almost half of the California population, can promote any legislation, but no matter if it’s good or bad, none can survive and all are killed before review. Half of the population’s voice is ignored and can’t be heard. It can’t be right if we still vote for the party currently is already super majority ! Political power is very tempting. Without supervising, government power will be corrupted and misused. Look at our government; it is on the edge of bankruptcy. In the disaster of government bankruptcy, the only victim will be us, the citizens. The huge debt from government’s over spending, who will pay for it, no one else, but us, the citizens and the citizens’ next generations. This can’t be sustained! We have to change it. How and by what? By the one ticket in your hand, we can vote some Republican candidates to restore the balance!
4. Chinese Americans needs Chuck Page! From statistics, 70% of Chinese Americans vote for Democrats. No doubt, it is the Democrat party promoting SCA5 non-stop and will never stop. But still many Chinese Americans are hesitating to unite all Chinese Americans to vote for Republican candidates, since they believe only Chinese American elected officials can work for Chinese Americans. Really? We eye witness three state council members didn’t nothing to voice for Chinese America and still believe Chinese American council will work for Chinese Americans? You must be kidding me!! Furthermore, Let’s take some time to study the reasons why the Democrats keep pushing SCA5. It is not hard to find out that SCA5 stands for the Democrat party’s core value that is impossible to give up. By electing a Democrat Chinese American, you put your hope and next generations’ happiness and prosperousness at risk to wish one person fight with his own party’s core value? It is a day-dream! On the other hand, the Republican Party should be more powerful than one Democrat elected official since it represents almost half of the California population. Apparently, no one but only the Republican Party can fight with the Democrat party and has a chance to win. Although the Republican Party is weak now, if all Chinese Americans united together to support them, the Republican Party will grow bigger and bigger till it becomes strong enough to stop SCA5. Therefore, the Republican Party needs Chinese Americans and meanwhile Chinese Americans need the Republican Party.
For the above reasons, as a Chinese American, therefore, I want to vote for Republican Party candidate Chuck Page! Therefore, I also ask for your vote for Chuck Page, no matter your skin color, but for our kids’ sake and for our country’s future’s sake!