Oppose Milpitas 57% Water Rate Increase

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To stop the water rate increase, we need 9140 inked signatures. We only have about 1000 signatures now. please click the link : www.tinyurl.com/NoWaterHikeForm

For individual protest letter: http://tinyurl.com/nowaterhikeindividualProtest

We Oppose Milpitas 57% Water Rate Hike (Protest before Dec 15th, 7PM)
Attend the council meeting at Dec 15th 7PM

Only INK SIGNATURES will be accepted by the city. Questions?
Call Jennifer Strohfus 408-636-8954
Please print out the form or the individual letter, sign on the sheet and ask your neighbors to sign as well.
Mail or deliver your protest letter to Milpitas city clerk at 455 E Calaveras Blvd, Milpitas

To access the form at www.tinyurl.com/NoWaterHikeForm

Only doing this together, we know how many signatures have been collected and stop the water rate increase. You only need one hour to get 5-12 signatures from your neighbors. Please join us! Appreciate your participation!

Letter to City of Milpitas

We oppose the water rate increase! The reasons are:

1.      It is clear punishment for consumers who are devoted to conserve water. This shouldn’t happen under the circumstance of serious drought and State government calls for water conservation.  The new flat water rate that the city is going to adapt is apparently encouraging residents to consume more water.

Milpitas water consumers did respond to State government’ calling and water usage has been reduced 26.1-30%. Because of the usage reduction, the city of Milpitas (the city) collects much less money than before and can’t balance its account. As a result of water conservation, Milpitas consumers don't get any reward but the huge water rate hike.

2.      The cost of upgrading the water infrastructure shouldn’t simply be passed to water consumers. We understand the city wants to upgrade the aging water infrastructure that needs $42M in total. The city could raise funds from bond issuance, not depend on a water rate increase and put financial burden on average families.

3.      The City should subsidize citizens’ drinking water. We also understand that the water supplier will increase its wholesale price by 20-28%. Please bear in mind that people depend on water to survive; therefore, water should be a top priority for subsidies.

4. The 145% water rate increase (~2.5 times) is unacceptable, from $2.62/HCF to $6.43/HCF. Many residents live paycheck to paycheck and many of them are struggling to make ends meet. The 145% water rate increase will make many citizens and families suffer. Especially seniors, low income families and un-employ citizens who stay home most of the day, care for children and use water more  than others. Look around, no city raises water rates more than 50% or near the 145%! San Jose water rate will only hike 15%. San Francisco city uses the same water source as Milpitas, the Hetch Hetchy water, and its water rate used to be much higher than Milpitas but after the 145% price hike, Milpitas residents will pay a higher rate than San Franciscans.


            You can mail or deliver the protest letter to the city at 455 E Calaveras Blvd, Milpitas, CA 95035


Please respond before the deadline of December 15th, 2015 5PM.