Let's Gather for No New Contract with Republic Services, a Public Nuisance

Jennifer    09/03     18875    

Dear All Milpitas Residents and Newby Garbage Odor Victims,

The deadline for bids from garbage collecting companies is in October of 2015; then the city council members of Milpitas will decide whether or not to renew the contract with the city’s garbage collector, Republic Services Corp.

I heard Newby Landfill Corporation’s attorney laughed at Milpitas government at Santa Clara County Superior Court: Newby Landfill Corp is Milpitas’ garbage collector…Milpitas approved many new buildings close to Newby Landfill…all those have become evidence against the city of Milpitas to oppose Newby Landfill’s expansion and operations.

Therefore, we need to stop doing business with Newby Landfill, otherwise, all lawsuits against Newby will waste Milpitas tax payers' money!

As you all know, if residents do not speak up, you basically give the politicians a pass to do whatever they want or whoever has the money wants, but definitely not what you, the odor victims, want.  Please join our RALLY to show your objection to Milpitas renewing the contract with the public nuisance, Republic Services Corp!

Sept 15th, 2015, there will be a council meeting at Milpitas City Hall. We need you to show up at 6PM to gather around the city hall’s water fountain!  Government needs your supervision, otherwise the power will be abused and the power will damage your interests in every way!

Let's gather for making sure no reward of a new contract goes to a public nuisance! 

-72- responses have been recorded.