Please email your message to officials (mailing list attached)

Jennifer    06/22     8391    

Hi All,

We don’t know if we will be granted to speak at June 24th SJ planning committee meeting, therefore, we have to prepare for no chance to talk by emailing our messages to all officials. Mailing list is attached. Sign up for the meeting at

Our messages are included but not limited:

1.       2 Yrs Comprehensive Odor Study     

2.       2 Yrs Environmental Impact Study     

3.       EI Study Includes Air, Water and Soil 

4.       No Approval without Clear New EIR  

5.       1, 4 Dioxane Groundwater Testing

6.       95% Odor from Newby                        

7.       BAAQMD Certified Newby a Public Nuisance

8.       Independent Environmental Impact Study

9.       BAAQMD Authority over Compost Odor

10.   Follow the CEQA Guidelines

11.   Follow SJ Municipal Codes

12.    Considering Public Safety and Health

Please prepare your own message to email to the following officials:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,