Let's all together do something we can be proud of ! Sunday meeting at 2PM

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To access canvassing maps, please click the link below:
Dear All,
The fight with the giant garbage company is just started!  It will be a long and rough road ahead of us, so we all need to prepare for it. Meanwhile, please do not forget that everything is possible!!! 

Once in America, women had no right to vote.  Through hard fights, we got it and today no politician who wants to win elections can ignore women's votes.

When United, we stand! Republic is trying and will keep trying any way and every way to go its way!!! If we lose our courage, nothing we can and will win; if we keep fighting, we will surprise all what can be achieved by the united and consistent people! 

Now we are facing strong resistance from Republic thru their bombastic propaganda. Some of us feel frustrated, but more of us seeing thru the surface see our amazing achievement. If we hadn't achieved something, Republic won't bother to spend money doing bombastic propaganda and just ignore us. Today's us is already a group with voice and strength that can't be ignored! 

Let us keep our momentum rolling!! To reach our goal of stopping the Newby monster Expansion, please join our fight on Sunday 2pm meeting and canvassing! 

Let us do something to benefit our environment and future generations! Let us all come together to achieve something we can be proud of for rest of our lives!

Meeting date: 15th, 21st, and 28th, 2PM
Venue: Milpitas Police Station Community Room (1275 N Milptias Blvd, Milpitas)
To access canvassing maps, please click the link below:

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