May 6th Decision Making Meeting on Newby Expansion You Attending the Meeting Makes up the Power to Stop the Expansion Please sign up

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       Attention: We are planning to raise funds for renting a bus, so meeting attendees can have a free ride. We need you to sign up for the meeting and email me if you need a bus ride at

Tom Williams, the Milpitas City manager said residents have more power than government to oppose the Newby Landfill Expansion! 


Because of residents' objections, State assemblyman Kansen Chu recently proposed AB 385 to change the landfill lack of efficient governing bodies And residents supervision. Because of residents' objections, San Jose Planning Committee commissioners voted to delay the Newby expansion on February 11 to May 6th.

Because of residents' objections, Milpitas city council officially declared Newby landfill a public nuisance.

Yes. You, residents of San Jose, Milpitas, Fremont, have the power to stop the expansion!!

“Enough is enough” we have waited for more than 80 years for the old guy to retire!!

 "I want my basic human right to breath clean air". No one can deprive our right to breathe clean and harmless air.

Our reasons for requesting SJ government to deny the Newby Landfill expansion stand strong and firm!!!

1. CEQA and San Jose municipal code say no new project should be approved if it causes significant environmental impact. In few months Newby Landfill has received 6 public nuisance tickets from government agency BAAQMD and over 2000 odor complaints. 

2. Great possibility to pollute our groundwater and SF Bay.

1) Newby landfill is located next to wetland, SF bay, and surrounded by coyote creek.  That allows toxic substances easy access into groundwater, such as 1,4 Dioxane, the cancerous substance.  One scary finding is that 1,4 dioxane has been found in the Zanker Landfill.  The water testing report shows that 1,4 dioxane in the groundwater is 99x higher than state notification level.  Newby landfill shares the the groundwater body with Zanker landfill. 

2) Most landfills have been found to have been polluting groundwater after they are closed when damage to humans  and environment has been done and nothing can be reversed.

3) Newby landfill is located in an earthquake zone that makes the 245ft loose garbage mountain easily to be shifted or fall into SF bay. 

 3. Newby landfill is a Green House gas generator which is global weather change contributor. Landfills generate landfill gas due to the waste decomposition process. The landfill gas contains methane and carbon dioxide (which are greenhouse gas: GHG) and small amounts of non-methane organic compounds (NMOC) and sulfur compounds. Many of NMOCs are precursor organic compounds (POC), and many NMOCs and also toxic air contaminants (TACs) and hazardous air pollutants (HAPs). Hydrogen sulfide, a TAC, makes up about 95% or more of the sulfur compounds. (from BAAQMD Title V permit evaluation document).

4. Newby expansion is truly against San Jose city's own policy of municipal code and recently adopted Zero Waste. 

5. No need for Newby landfill to expand. 

1) there is no issue of garbage having no where to go. Around 44 landfills around the bay have been closed early or closed at Max capacity. There are five remain that are all in San Jose boundary. Three of them have around 30 million cubic yards capacity. 

2) 10 years remaining operating time.  Newby landfill executive said without expansion, they still can operate 10 years. Why pursuing expansion now? 


If you want to stop the landfill expansion,  please join the fight for clean air and safe drinking water!


You have the POWER to STOP it by:

1.      Attending the meeting on May 6th at 6:30PM-8:30PM San Jose City Hall

      5:30pm people's Rally 

2.      Reporting bad odor: 1800-334-6367

3.      Signing the petition:

4.      Ask our state government to install no bias Jerome Meters in our neighborhood to detect the hydrogen sulfide in order to protect residents’ health and eliminate the bad odor. 

       Attention: We are planning to raise funds for renting a bus, so meeting attendees can have a free ride. We need you to sign up for the meeting and email me if you need a bus ride at

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