Attention to the 1-27 meeting attendees: Possible rent a big bus to Sacramento meeting! 

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Attention to the meeting attendees:

Please sign up for the meeting by clicking the link:

We only have 8 days left to fight. Jan 27th is our last chance to
change the decision makers’ mind.  If we don't have enough number of
concerned residents to show up, we have to suffer another 30 years or

Let's go to Sacramento to end the dump expansion

Remember: Today’s Bystanders, Tomorrow’s Victims!

Attending Sacramento Meeting Details are as follows:

1. CalEPA Building, Byron Sher Auditorium (2nd floor), 1001 I Street(i
street /11th street) Sacramento, CA 95814
2. Prepare a two minute speech.
4. Carpool is available:

If you are willing to give people a ride or you need a ride, please
come to Milpitas Grocery Outlet (215 W Calaveras Blvd) @ 7:30am on Jan
27th. Drivers take care of gas cost, so for passengers, please do
share the parking and the bridge toll fees.

Note: possible rent a big bus to Sacramento meeting! Please check the updated carpool info here !

5. If you don't mind, please wear a garbage bag to show your anger on expansion
6. Please check Milpitas Odor Problem Facebook page or Milpitas
Citizen Network Facebook group to see further discussion.
7. Further questions, please contact Jennifer Strohfus@408-636-8954 or
email me if you can be a volunteer to give a ride or you need a ride:

Please sign up for the meeting by clicking the link:

If you haven’t sign the petition, please click the link:

Thank YOU !
Jennifer Strohfus can give 3-4 persons a ride.

Nika Chen can give 3-4 persons a ride
Raymond can give 3-4 people a ride