Milpitas, Fremont, and N San Jose Residents: Please Sign Up for the Final Decision Making Meeting

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 Milpitas, Fremont, and N San Jose Residents: 
Please Sign Up for the Final Decision Making Meeting in Sacramento 
For the Newby Island landfill expansion to get final approval, Republic Services needs to get the City of San Jose’s local and CalRecycle state level’s licenses.  Since the City of San Jose has granted the local license two years ago, the best chance to stop the expansion now is to email, call, and ATTEND this final decision making meeting which will be held on Jan 27th in CalRecycle building.

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January 27, 2015 10:00AM -1PM
Cal/EPA Building - 1001 I Street, Byron Sher Auditorium, Sacramento, CA 95814 

If we can have 100-500 people from Milpitas, Fremont, and N. San Jose to attend this meeting and ask the decision makers to deny the expansion permit, I believe we will influence their votes in our favor and win the battle!
This is a very critical meeting that we have to attend.  It will decide our fate of another 30 years more suffering or end the suffering NOW! 
We can’t afford to lose this battle. We smell the public nuisance almost every day now with the dump only 150ft in height.  If it increases to 245ft, we may smell it every hour or every minute! The landfill owner can’t manage a 150ft dump’s odor, how can we expect or trust the landfill owner’s promise that they can manage a 245ft dump to be odorless? This kind of promise only can fool 3 year-old kids! It is just like when the dump pursued its license renewal, during the EIR study period, they manipulated the EIR report to be no violations and few complaints, but after the study period, 6 gas emission violations within a year and residents now smell the bad odor almost every day with no holiday breaks.
We knew since ancient time that when the waste materials decompose, they produce methane gas that can kill people if it is dense enough, and make people sick if you stay close to the gas source.  The garbage dump odor not only smells bad or affects people’s quality of life but it also makes people sick as well. It does not justify granting an expansion permit to the Newby Island Dump, especially where the dump is located just 0.2 miles away from homes, offices, and parks.
Some people think we smell the odor but we get some garbage fee discount. Let me sadly tell you that: for 32 gal garbage collection fees, the city of San Mateo pays $21.09, Mountain View $23.30, Cupertino $23.40, Burlingame $23.85, South San Francisco $25.08, San Leandro $25.22, Santa Clara $26.16, Redwood City $27.30, Newark $27.72, and Milpitas $27.85. Nine cities’ garbage bills are cheaper than Milpitas.  From here we should see that there is no definite relation between the distance from the dump and the garbage bill rate. 
There are no advantages for residents to live close by the dump but the harms and suffering, so there is no reason to be a bystander! Today you choose to stand by; tomorrow you and your family will become the methane gas’ victims.

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