Using Skype to talk on 12/16 Sacramento Public Meeting Please Sign up

Jennifer    12/14     15513    

Dear petition supporters,

--Your participation and ONLY your participation can stop the monster garbage dump expansion project!


We had some confusion and distractions whether there will be a meeting on 12/16 in Sacramento. After figuring out there will be one, the meeting notice time is too short, plus it is on working day and time for many, a long way to drive.... Using Skype to talk in distance can be a solution!

If you really want to talk but for reasons you can't make to the meeting, you can download the Skype app and add me as your Skype friends, so I can put my iPad in front of the Calrecycle permitting decision makers and let your voice be heard!

Of course, I will call Calrecycle on Monday to make sure Skype is allowed. 

My Skype ID is Jenniferzhou5

My phone # is 408-636-8954.  Email:

Jennifer Strohfus, the organizer of stopping NISL Expansion Petition 
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