PLEASE SIGN UP for Sacramento Monthly Public Information Meeting--Your participation and ONLY your participation can stop the monstergarbage dump expansion project!

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PLEASE SIGN UP for Sacramento Monthly Public Information Meeting

--Your participation and ONLY your participation can stop the monster
garbage dump expansion project!


When we as residents take actions, we make a difference!
When we are united, we have strength and power!
Dec 10th SJ Public Hearing has proved people’s strength and power! We
won the first battle!

Unfortunately, just right before the SJ Public Hearing, City of San
Jose submitted permit application to Calrecycle permitting department
for state level permit. I had the same confusion as many residents and
called Kevin, the manager of permitting department. He said city of
San Jose can do local and state permit at the same time.  Local
permitting process doesn't affect state level permitting process.
Therefore the permitting department has started 2 months permitting
process.  12/16 @10 AM the public meeting will be held to discuss the
Newby Island landfill expansion. You are welcome to attend and express
your opinion.

We don't know there will another chance of public meeting in
Sacramento, so 12/16 meeting maybe the only chance for odor victims to
public to oppose the landfill expansion!

It is very important to influence the Calrecycle official’s minds
through residents' participation and testimonies on 12/16 meeting!
Again the importance can't be overstated. We can't afford the
consequences of not attending the meeting!

Why? Because City of San Jose had granted permit to Republic Services,
and delaying vote doesn't change the permit's lawful status. If we
don't work on stopping state level permitting, once republic services
gets the permit from Calrecycle, Republic Services thereafter finished
its permit application process and can lawfully operate its business
another 30 years.

On the other hand, if we work hard from the beginning of the state
permitting process by attending the 12/16 monthly meeting, and let
state permitting department denies republic services' application,
republic services can't do its expansion, even though San Jose City
doesn’t revoke the permit to Republic Services.

Two years ago, we didn't go to the public hearing because we didn't
get informed, so they just sneaked in and told decision makers that
their garbage smells good; no one complained; their paid scientific
testing and research results showed the offensive odor is from the bay
itself; garbage needs a place and close to heavily populated areas to
make garbage bill cheap (people should know that Stockton garbage dump
is covered, and located in the countryside and their garbage bill is
much lower than Bay Area residents). Therefore they got local permit

Two years after, thanks for social media, we got informed.  We can't
afford not to speak up. We can't let the tragedy repeat and continue
suffering for another 30 years.

Please be aware that, in current and past 80 years with 150 ft.
height, the odor may be limited in Milpitas, but with 245ft historic
record height, the odor impact area will be enlarged magnificently.
Your today’s ignorance or support for the expansion will push yourself
and your children to join the odor victims' world!

Your participation and only your participation can stop the monster
garbage dump expansion project!

It is a long drive to Sacramento, but it is worthy and will be rewarding.

We need to sacrifice some to show our determination and commitment.

We need to have a big number of people show up and speak to be convincing.

No one can represent you but yourself. Please arrange your time to go.
Making money, you can do it every day but the chance to change your
and your children's quality of life does not exist every day!

Attending Sacramento Meeting Details are as follows:
1. CalEPA Building, Byron Sher Auditorium (2nd floor), 1001 I Street(
i street /11th street) Sacramento, CA 95814
2. Prepare a two minute speech.
3. Self-made cardboard with slogans (size can't be over 2ftX2ft)
suggested slogans :
Stop the Stink!
Vote No on Expansion
No Odor Air
Double Size Double Odor
We Want Fresh Air
A Public Nuisance
Garbage Over People?
EIR Misleading

4. Carpool available if you come to Milpitas Grocery Outlet (215 W
Calaveras Blvd) @ 8:00am on Dec 16th.
5. If you don't mind, please wear a garbage bag to show your anger on expansion
6. Calrecycle has received permit from city of SJ, so two month
process time is ticking. If we don't show up, information they will
get is only from the Republic Services.
7. Please check Milpitas Citizen Network Facebook to see the meeting
notice and the permit application.
8. Further questions, please contact Jennifer Strohfus@408-636-8954 or
email me if you can be a volunteer to give a ride or you need a ride:
Thank you very much for your support!
Let's go to Sacramento to talk louder than billionaire’s money!

Thank YOU !
Ravishankan Rajaram can give 2 persons a ride
Jennifer Strohfus can give 3-4 persons a ride.

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